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Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation

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Our People

Anyinginyi is a Community Controlled Aboriginal Health Organisation which is governed by a Board of Directors that are voted in by members of the organisation. The Board of Directors provide strategic direction for the Leadership Team and give a voice to all resident in the Barkly region to ensure the highest quality of primary health care is provided. Anyinginyi's day to day operations are managed by a Leadership Team with many varying qualifications and experiences.

Board of Directors

Ross Williams Jakamarra - Chairperson

Ross is a Waramungu man from Phillip Creek and was a co-founder of Anyinginyi and has been involved in many different roles within the organization for the past twenty five years. Ross became a Director to be a voice for his Elders and for his community regarding health care provision for the Barkly Region.

Marnji Napanangka-Napangardi James - Deputy Chairperson

Marnji is a Walpiri woman originally from Ali Curung and living at Elliott, representing Elliott and Marlinja on the Anyinginyi Board of Directors. Marnji’s traditional country is Ngarnarlkurru, near the Lander River in the Tanami Desert area. Marnji has been involved with Anyinginyi for many years, and brings a wealth of community knowledge. Marnji has extensive experience in the health sector, working as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner for over 30 years.

Joyce Taylor

A member of the Anyinginyi Board for 2014/2015, with prior elected terms with Anyinginyi, Joyce comes to the Board with many years of experience in health and Aboriginal Community Representation. Joyce stands for health improvements in the area of education of clients about their sickness and how and why medication is important.

Pat Braun

Pat is an Arrente/Waramungu woman and was born in Tennant Creek. Pat has been on the Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation Board of Directors for the last seven years and enjoys seeing the organisation expand and provide more services to the people of the Barkly. Pat became a Director to give her community a voice, represent her people and to be involved in community events, and hopes that the young people of this region will see and learn from her and her fellow Directors.

William Walker

William is a new Anyinginyi Board member. He is pleased to be appointed as a director of an organisation that is committed to the health and wellbeing of the local people in this area. William, who is part of the Stolen Generation, came to Tennant Creek in 2008 to meet his Grandfather’s people. William’s Grandfather and his sisters were taken from the Barkly Region to Cherbourg in QLD, and were never able to return to the Northern Territory. William brings to the Anyinginyi Board 15 years of experience working in the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) sector in Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. For the past five years, William has been employed as the BRADAAG Residential Rehab and Outreach Program Manager.

Duane Fraser

Duane is a Bidjarra man from Queensland, born in Winton, QLD. Duane has lived in the Barkly Region for the last 42yrs and currently works in Community Development with the Council of Elders. Duane previously worked in the Primary Health Care Industry and has been on the Anyinginyi Board since 2007.

Stuart Nugget

Stuart is a new Anyinginyi Board member, representing Elliott and Marlinja. Stuart is pleased to be appointed as a director of an organisation that is committed to the health and wellbeing of the local people in this area, and is passionate about being able to represent his community on the Board.

Mary Munna Nappangarti Noonan

Mary is a Jingili Mudburra lady who grew up in Powell Creek near Elliott, and has other tribal language links to Gurindji, Warlmanpa, Warumungu and Garawa. Mary also has Chinese in her families’ bloodline. Mary is very proud of who she is and where she comes from and believes it’s very important to teach the younger generation to have pride in their Country and to work to come together as one. Working at Rockhampton Downs Wogyala primary school for over nine years as an Assistant teacher in the Barkly Tablelands has made Mary think bigger about choosing the best in life. Mary is passionate about her role and, with the support of her families, emphasises how important education is and that sending children to school every day will create success for Aboriginal people. “Talking up for my people’s direction to be going with every day health issues is a very big part in so many ways in closing the gap. I am proud that my people gave me the voice to stand for us all”

Noel Hayes

Noel is a Kaytetye man living in Ali Curung Community and has been involved with the Anyinginyi Board since 2009. Noel has held numerous governance and positions of authority in both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal structures and is an active advocate for his community. Noel is very supportive of the Regionalisation process and actively involved in a number of organisations throughout the Barkly Region.

Shirley Lewis

Geoffrey Shannon

Dianne Stokes

Management Team

Barbara Shaw - General Manager

With tertiary qualifications in management and health, Barb has vast experience with both the public and private sectors. She worked for Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation in Tennant Creek for a number of years before resigning in December 2012 to take on her role as President of the Barkly Regional Council fulltime. Barb was re-appointed to the Anyinginyi General Manager position in April 2015. Barb served as a councillor for the Barkly Regional Council since amalgamations in 2008 and was elected by popular vote to the position of President at the 24 March 2012 local government elections. She was also elected to the executive of the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT) in May 2012. Over the years, Barb has held a range of memberships on boards and committees across the government and non-government sectors, including the chair of the former Barkly Regional Development board and co-chair of the Shire’s Financial Sustainability Review Taskforce in 2012, ministerial appointed as a member of the Regional Economic Development Committee for Tennant Creek and the Barkly region. Currently from February 2014 Barb was appointed by the NT Government as chair of the Tennant Creek Regional Alcohol Reference Group (ARG). She has recently taken up an appointment to the Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Advisory Council (VCIAC) for Charles Darwin University. Representing Anyinginyi Barb is currently an executive member of the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT. Barb has spent the last 20 years living and working in the Barkly region. She is both passionate about and committed to community and regional development and believes change can only occur through meaningful community relations.

Clarissa Burgen - Corporate Services Section Manager

Clarissa has lived in Tennant Creek since 1988 and is of Wannyi descent. She has worked at Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation since June 2004 and has a 20 year history in Aboriginal Affairs in the Barkly Region predominately in securing funds for needed project in the areas of housing, health and management. Clarissa has worked on Commonwealth and State level projects and supports local bodies in bettering the Barkly.

Allan Baldock - Health Centre Section Manager

Allan first joined Anyinginyi in February 2008 as the Community Nutritionist, which he held until October 2010. During his time as Community Nutritionist he studied the Graduate Diploma in Remote Health Management. In October 2010, Allan became the manager of the Public Health Unit but soon after became manager of the Regional Remote Health Section. Whilst he enjoyed his role as Nutritionist he finds the management position more satisfying as it throws up a greater diversity of challenges both from the work and personal perspective on a day to day basis. Allan believes that whilst we still have a long way to go in improving aboriginal health the problems are not insurmountable if health providers, communities and individuals work hand in hand in tackling the real issues. Allan holds the following qualifications: Cert IV Assessment & Workplace Training; Diploma Applied Science (Agriculture); Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Naturopathy); Graduate Diploma Health Science (Herbal Medicine); Master of Health Science; Graduate Diploma Remote Health Management.

Marie Murfet - Piliyintinji-ki Stronger Families Section Manager

Marie is a Jingili/Mudburra woman and was born in Alice Springs but spent most of her growing up years in Darwin. Marie has been in management positions for many years, in both community based and government environments. Marie worked for many years in the Department of Justice in Victoria in areas that provided great opportunities to promote and support equitable access to programs and services aimed to enhance the physical and mental health and wellbeing, education and rehabilitation of Aboriginal people. Marie continues to advocate for Aboriginal people, finding her place in Tennant Creek where she can focus on good health, wellbeing, capacity building and empowerment of Aboriginal clients and staff in her position as Section Manager of the Piliyintinji-ki Stronger Families Section. It is important to her as leading the ‘cultural hub’ of the organisation to be responsive, to continue to advocate and educate, and to promote two-way avenues for resilience, self-care and healing. Marie will complete her Master of Public Health in 2016 with a view to better inform and work to addressing the social determinants that impact on health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people such as housing, education and employment.

Marcus Maher - Sport & Recreation centre Manager

Marcus joined the Anyinginyi team in January 2014, his previous role had been Recreation Manager for a local council in the Kimberley for over 5 years. Marcus has had experience in not only managing recreation and aquatic centres and programs in Australia, but also spent some time in London. Growing up in Country Victoria, sport played a big role during his youth by playing all sports from Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Golf and Aussie Rules. Sport not only brings in the benefits of health and fitness, but is also the social and community connection that people get out of it and lasting friendships and positive memories. Marcus is committed to bring these type of programs back on the radar within the Tennant Creek region for all to enjoy