Health Services

Parlpu­ru Nin­ji Kari — Health Ser­vices sup­port health and well­be­ing for every stage of our clients’ life.

Anyinginyi Health pro­vides cul­tur­al­ly respon­sive pri­ma­ry health care ser­vices that are client cen­tred and con­tribute to improv­ing the health of the Abo­rig­i­nal com­mu­ni­ty of Ten­nant Creek and the Bark­ly region. Our Abo­rig­i­nal health mod­el means that Abo­rig­i­nal Health Prac­ti­tion­ers (AHPs) are in the front­line tend­ing to clients in the first instance. The AHPs pro­vide triage, man­age­ment and treat­ment that is with­in their scope. As a mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary team, this mod­el is sup­port­ed by Reg­is­tered Nurs­es, Gen­er­al Prac­ti­tion­ers, Spe­cial­ists and Allied Health teams.

We oper­ate in a region with a high bur­den of dis­ease and com­plex needs aris­ing from dis­ad­van­tage and social inequal­i­ty. Our mul­ti-dis­­­­­ci­­­pli­­­nary Health Ser­vices team deliv­ers high-qual­i­­ty care to address these com­plex needs with­in our scope, while advo­cat­ing for oth­er areas of need in our community.

At Anyinginyi we believe in pre­ven­ta­tive care and offer reg­u­lar health checks and screen­ing to ensure ear­ly detec­tion and treat­ment. We also work with our clients to devel­op care man­age­ment plans and pro­vide ongo­ing wrap-around sup­port ser­vices for those who are at risk of, or, diag­nosed with chron­ic dis­ease. Our refer­ral path­ways ensure that Allied Health and Spe­cial­ists form part of our clients’ health and wellbeing.

Our ded­i­ca­tion to pro­vid­ing equal oppor­tu­ni­ties for health ensures: 

  • avail­abil­i­ty
  • acces­si­bil­i­ty
  • accept­abil­i­ty
  • qual­i­ty.

We believe that qual­i­ty mul­ti-dis­ci­pli­nary health and well-being ser­vices leads to bet­ter health out­comes for Abo­rig­i­nal peo­ple in the Bark­ly region. We are informed by our cul­tur­al pro­to­cols, pol­i­cy and best prac­tice when plan­ning our pro­grams and when mak­ing health ser­vice deliv­ery decisions.

Our pro­grams

Our pro­grams focus on every stage of our clients’ lives, from babies to the elder­ly, pro­vid­ing ded­i­cat­ed and focussed care in the areas of:

  • den­tal
  • child and mater­nal health
  • women’s health
  • men’s health
  • dia­betes
  • renal care.

We also have a ded­i­cat­ed remote health ser­vices team who work with sur­round­ing Abo­rig­i­nal com­mu­ni­ties with­in the Bark­ly region.

Abo­rig­i­nal Health Practitioners

Abo­rig­i­nal Health Prac­ti­tion­ers (AHPs) are respon­si­ble for deliv­er­ing safe, high qual­i­ty clin­i­cal ser­vices and patient care. With the increased scope of prac­tice that the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry trained Abo­rig­i­nal Health Prac­ti­tion­ers pos­sess, we are priv­i­leged to have Abo­rig­i­nal Health Prac­ti­tion­ers who are able to do more to address the health care needs of the community.

As the face of the Health Ser­vices sec­tion, Abo­rig­i­nal Health Prac­ti­tion­ers play a piv­otal role in build­ing the community’s trust. They oper­ate in accor­dance with the Pri­ma­ry Clin­i­cal Care Man­u­al as well as applic­a­ble leg­is­la­tion and reg­u­la­tions. AHPs act as a bridge in ensur­ing that non-Abo­rig­i­nal staff pro­vide cul­tur­al­ly safe and appro­pri­ate care and services.