Health Promotion

Health pro­mo­tion plays a big role in com­mu­ni­ty inclu­sion and devel­op­ment. By inter­acting with indi­vid­u­als in a cul­tur­al­ly appro­pri­ate way we can help build the capac­i­ty of com­mu­ni­ties to improve their own health.

Our aim is to enable peo­ple to increase their con­trol over, and to improve, their own health. We work­ towards elim­i­nat­ing pre­ventable health issues by help­ing peo­ple make informed deci­sions. The health pro­mo­tion team con­sult with the com­mu­ni­ty and work with oth­er mem­bers of the Pub­lic Health Sec­tion, oth­er areas of Anyinginyi and exter­nal organisations. 

Our health pro­mo­tion activ­i­ties target:

  • anaemia
  • sca­bies
  • dia­betes
  • STIs
  • per­son­al hygiene 
  • alco­hol and drug addictions
  • Foetal Alco­hol Spec­trum Dis­or­der (FASD).

Stick­ing to the mot­to of​“pre­ven­tion is the solu­tion”, health pro­mo­tion events are organ­ised in Ten­nant Creek and across the Bark­ly Region’s remote com­mu­ni­ties. We plan Health pro­mo­tion events in line with key nation­al dates, such as Dia­betes Week and World No Tobac­co Day, as well as for the needs of indi­vid­ual com­mu­ni­ties.

Our health pro­mo­tion team is open to ideas and works in col­lab­o­ra­tion with all ser­vice providers.